Pair ‘Book Reports’

English language arts is getting exciting! As we work on developing independence and ownership of our learning we were introduced to our new project, BOOK REPORTS! Mrs. Siqueira ensures us that it is not old-school book reports. It is a monthly opportunity for us to share what we are reading at home. With so many options for ‘book reports’ we practices today in pairs to prepare us for April. Each pair was given a picture book to practice with. First we read the whole book and talked with our partner about it. Once we knew the story we chose from a big list which ‘book report’ we wanted to work on.

We made a few different options from the list like a new book jacket, character illustration, map of key locations and even a character wanted poster. Starting April we are going to get to try at home as part of our home reading program.

What is you favourite part of a book? Have a ‘book report’ idea to share it?

Want to know more about our book reports options, go here.

DSC00123 DSC00124 DSC00121 DSC00126 DSC00129


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