Skype Date with Buenos Aires

This post is a little late because I forgot to assign it to a blog group. So this is a special post from Mrs. Siqueira!

We connected with the class in Buenos Aires as a part of The Same Day in March project we did for science. We were able to ask many questions about the weather and share with them about our weather. We learnt that it snowed there in 2007! We had no idea! They were surprised to here how hot it is here all year round. It was a great first skype date and we look forward to many more!

That day we had to practice being flexible because when the moment came to call we had technical difficulties with our smart board and thats why we are all huddled around a laptop. We still had so much fun! We are going to keep working on taking turn and listening carefully so we can keep learning more from classrooms around the world.

-Mrs. Siqueira

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We had two ‘googlers’ incase they asked us tough questions we couldn’t answer right away.


Wind Science Experiments

In science we did really fun experiments this week. We did these experiments to learn better about the wind. We did one that we used a bottle, the second one we used a wind measure and the third we used a pin wheel.


In the bottle experiement we put cold water with green food colouring and hot colourless water divided by cardboard. We removed the cardboard slowly and let the water mix. We learnt that what hot air is mixed with cold air it makes wind.

Wind Measurement and Pinwheel:

We used the pinwheel so we cold have some fun with wind. We learnt that sometimes we need to turn to find the wind.

The wind measurement tool we used to find the force of the wind.

-The Donuts!

Writer: Ana Beatriz

Editor: Thiago

Photographer: Helena

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Graphing Math Games

In math games we played a game that had two groups of six cards. We needed to take one card from each group and add the two cards, then we recorded the answer in our DATA CHART.

We had another paper that we put the result of each match. To display the results we made a bar graph. After we needed to answer some questions about our graphs.

Most of the people in the class liked the game, some people couldn’t play the game because they didn’t finish their homework or all of the class work.

We practiced and learnt more about adding and graphing.

Have you ever played a math game? If you have never played check out our MATH LINKS or goggle some!

Good bye! See you next time!

Writer: Ana Clara

Editor: Mariana

Photographer: Julienne

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Math Graphing

Hello guys,

Today we are going write about math graphing.

A few days ago we started drawing pictographs. Pictographs are very awesome! We made vertical and horizontal graphs.

We explored some graphs like circle graphs. Circle graphs can be called PIZZA GRAPHS!

Pictographs have keys and they help so we know the number of symbols and what they represent.

Writer: Joao Pedro

Editor: Bruna

Photographer: Beatriz

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Story Elements

Friday we read a book, called The Quilt Maker’s Gift. We also talked about the book and we wrote in our ELA notebooks. We wrote about the characters, beginning, plot, setting, middle and end. Some of the characters are the king, soldiers and the quilt maker.

We did a big activity to make a quilt. We wrote things about setting, beginning, middle end, solution and problem.

The problem of the story was the king was unhappy and wanted a quilt. The quilt maker said he had to give away all of his presents to get one.

Writer: Maria Luisa

Editor: Naiara

Photographer: Henrique

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Hey Brother Lip Dub!!

This week we had a special project from Maple Bear Brasil to complete and it wasn’t an average project!!

All of year 4 has been working so hard this week on our very own LIP DUB VIDEO!! Next week we will be posting all about how we made the video but I couldn’t wait to share the video.

So please enjoy our hard work!! Don’t forget to comment if you love it too!!

An extra special thank you to my assistant director Ana Clara and Ms. Flavia!

Mrs. Siqueira


Science Sun Experiments

Hello followers!

Today we are talking about the science experiment about the sun.

The sun experiment was like this: First we had four boxes. One was white, one was yellow and two were black on the inside.

We put a thermometer in the four boxes and recorded the temperature in the boxes in our class. Then we put the boxes outside in the sunshine!

We made smart guesses or a HYPOTHESIS about what would happen to the temperature outside.

We learned that some colours attract the light of the sun more than others.

-Julienne, Ana Beatriz and Mariana



Our Music Class

In music class we are learning to play piano. We are learning to read notes like quarter notes and half notes.

One music class we chose a songs and sang it. After we found the rhythm of the song.  Our teacher is Ms. C, she is cool. She can play the guitar. We play musical instruments and sing with our teacher.

We do music on the blue mat as well as at our desks.

Ms. C brings a magic piano!!! We can play with our FEET!! It is so exciting to play! YEAH!!

We created songs with the notes and after we sing them.

  • Bear Bloggers : Thiago, Maria Luísa and Bruna
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Zika Project

Last Wednesday we did a project, it’s not your typical project!  It was…


Yes, a Zika project. We had to make posters about how to prevent Zika and the common symptom of Zika. When we were doing this work we were working in pairs! When we chose our partner Mrs. Siqueira gave us sentences to copy on a piece of paper. Some of us had Zika prevention and some of us had Zika symptoms. Once we copied the sentences we made a picture to match. Mrs. Siqueira said when we finish our school will make a pamphlet to give to our neighbours so they don’t get in Zika.

How do you prevent Zika? Have you done this project as well? Do you have the same types of mosquitos as us?

  • Naiara, João Pedro & Lena

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Easter Art

Hello guys!

Today we are writing about Easter art. Before Easter we drew Easter eggs. We used our imagination to make multi-coloured eggs. First we drew some lines to create sections. Each section had a different drawing or patterns.

We worked almost 3 days making our eggs. Then we cut out the eggs out and used tape to hang on the wall. All eggs are very AWESOME! Grade 4 loved making this art project!

Do you like easter eggs?

  • Henrique, Ana Clara and Bia 🙂

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