Zika Project

Last Wednesday we did a project, it’s not your typical project!  It was…


Yes, a Zika project. We had to make posters about how to prevent Zika and the common symptom of Zika. When we were doing this work we were working in pairs! When we chose our partner Mrs. Siqueira gave us sentences to copy on a piece of paper. Some of us had Zika prevention and some of us had Zika symptoms. Once we copied the sentences we made a picture to match. Mrs. Siqueira said when we finish our school will make a pamphlet to give to our neighbours so they don’t get in Zika.

How do you prevent Zika? Have you done this project as well? Do you have the same types of mosquitos as us?

  • Naiara, João Pedro & Lena

DSC00376 DSC00385 DSC00381


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