Preparing for Science Assessment

Hello guys,

Today we will talk about our science study plan. We will have a science assessment and to prepare for it we made a list of what we need to know. Our current science unit is weather!

On the list there was:

1.) Vocabulary words

2.) Questions about weather

3.) Information about what we need to study.

We (the whole class) made the list together asa team, as a class.

This is how we preare for the assessment.

How do you prepare for your assessments?

Our Storyboards


We are starting to write our own stories! Our first step was to make storyboard.

To make a storyboard you need to:

1.) Get a white paper

2.) Fold the paper like a “hot dog” then 2 “hamburger” folds.

3.) Open up the paper and number each square. You should have 8 squares.

4.) Then you start to build your story. Draw pictures of the beginning, middle and end of the story. Don’t forget the details about the problem and solution.

5.) Finally, doublecheck your characters and setting are well developed with lots of details.

6.) Once you have all this finished you are ready to write the story!!

This is how we do! -Katy Perry

How do you do your storyboards?

New Math Unit Interview

Mrs. Siqueira’s interview of Bruna about our new math unit:

1.) What is our new unit in math?

Our new unit is the multiplication unit.

2.) How did you feel when we started the new unit?

I felt afraid because I don’t know so much about multiplication.

3.) What do you remember from last year about multiplication?

x is the symbol for multiplication.

You need two numbers to make an equation.

If we skip count we get the multiples of a number. For example 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30…

4.) What is the multiplication chart tell us?

It tells us all the multiples of a number and the answers of some questions.

5.) How do we use the multiplication chart?

First, you find the number on the top row , for example 7, then you find the number on the side column , for example 6, then you follow the row and column until the meet. 7×6=42

6.) Anything else you want to share about our new unit?

The unit is a little bit difficult. I am nervous to have the test so I will have to study a lot!

Thank you sharing Bruna!!


The amazing, super, duper, mega collaboration stories!

In the collaborative stories we write one sentence and pass to the next person. Our stories started developing more and more. Some stories, in the end, didn’t make sense or other were really funny. For example, one was about a girl that went to a dance studio and stayed there for 10 years. When she came out of the studio she had a beard and mustache. Then, the girl married another girl with a beard and mustache.

To write the collaborative stories we made a list so each person had a turn.

In our case we had 9 students.

We needed:

2 sentences for the beginning of the story

1 sentence for the problem

3 sentences for the middle

1 sentence for the solution

2 sentence for the end of the story


Writer: Mariana

Editor: Naiara

Photographer: Henrique

 Have you written a collaborative story? How?


Our Top Secret Art Project

Mother’s Day art was cool we decorated some candle holders and put candles in them.

We used tissue paper and watery glue. Some students choose to use markers and stickers as well to add details.

Everyone made different designs including smiley faces, hearts , letters and other things.

We left them overnight to dry. Once they were dry we wrapped them up with green, pink, purple and yellow cellophane to look like a present.

We sat in groups and all worked on our own presents separately.

The present is beautiful!! three students got to make two from their moms and step-moms!

MOMS: Did you LOVE your awesome presents??

Did you make an awesome present for your mom?

-Photographer: Bia

-Writer: Maria Luisa

-Editor: João Pedro

DSC00736 DSC00739DSC00731

Setting Maps

Hello guys,

On April 27th we did an activity called setting maps. Setting maps is a paper thats is divided in 3 parts the time, the place and the environment. The book is part of the setting map, it can be any book you want.

The name of the book is In the Tree House. We had to write about the environment. The environment of our book was a neighbourhood where the power went out. The setting time of our book was at night and during summer. The time tells about the seasons and the time. The place where our book took place was in a tree house.

We worked very hard to include ALL the details we could. It was fun and AWESOME!

What was your favourite book setting? From which book?

-Photographer Helena

-Editor Ana Beatriz

-Writer Julienne

DSC00674 DSC00677 DSC00678 DSC00680

Our Very FIRST Mystery Skype!!!

The mystery skype was very cool!!

We needed to guess the othe school`s country and state by asking geographical yes or no questions via skype.

During mystery skype we all had jobs! The jobs were:

1 Greeter: The person that introduced us

1 Thanker: said good-bye and thank you to the other class

2 Question askers: they asked the questions to the other class

1 Question answerer: They answered the other classes questions for us

2 Think tank for our answers

3 Think tank for our questions

1 Sign person: this person held signs up to help organize the meeting

1 Runner: They ‘ran’ the questions from the think tank to the askers

2 Recorders: They recorded the questions and answers from both sides

1 Photographer


They only guessed our country, Brazil. We guessed their country and the state. Their country was U.S.A and state was Deleware. Then when everybody finished we asked questions to each other. We asked what was the name of their city, which was New Castle and the school name was Carrie Downie Elementary School. They are also in fourth grade and they have a website.

Photographer: Naiara

Editor: Mari

Writer: Henrique

PS BYE!! Thanks for reading!

Have you ever done a mystery skype?

DSC00779 DSC00778 DSC00775 DSC00770 DSC00767 DSC00760 DSC00756 DSC00755

Science Weather Infograph Posters

Hi everyone,

Today we are talking about weather infographs!!

Our inforgraphs are about weather. We all wrote about different countries and cities. Our infographs showed graphs of the temperature and other informations. We can use infographs to show a lot of information. For example some of the cities we learnt about were: New York, Los Angeles, Natal, Calgary, Milan, Dubai, Tokyo, Toronto, Montreal, Rome, Boston and Orlando.

We learnt very interesting weather facts about the cities. For example, some cities have hurricanes, tornadoes, snow and Chinook winds.

We made the posters at home and we presented in class.

Have you ever done an infograph?

Our camera died after our first presenter!

Our camera died after our first presenter!