Our Very FIRST Mystery Skype!!!

The mystery skype was very cool!!

We needed to guess the othe school`s country and state by asking geographical yes or no questions via skype.

During mystery skype we all had jobs! The jobs were:

1 Greeter: The person that introduced us

1 Thanker: said good-bye and thank you to the other class

2 Question askers: they asked the questions to the other class

1 Question answerer: They answered the other classes questions for us

2 Think tank for our answers

3 Think tank for our questions

1 Sign person: this person held signs up to help organize the meeting

1 Runner: They ‘ran’ the questions from the think tank to the askers

2 Recorders: They recorded the questions and answers from both sides

1 Photographer


They only guessed our country, Brazil. We guessed their country and the state. Their country was U.S.A and state was Deleware. Then when everybody finished we asked questions to each other. We asked what was the name of their city, which was New Castle and the school name was Carrie Downie Elementary School. They are also in fourth grade and they have a website.

Photographer: Naiara

Editor: Mari

Writer: Henrique

PS BYE!! Thanks for reading!

Have you ever done a mystery skype?

DSC00779 DSC00778 DSC00775 DSC00770 DSC00767 DSC00760 DSC00756 DSC00755


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