Setting Maps

Hello guys,

On April 27th we did an activity called setting maps. Setting maps is a paper thats is divided in 3 parts the time, the place and the environment. The book is part of the setting map, it can be any book you want.

The name of the book is In the Tree House. We had to write about the environment. The environment of our book was a neighbourhood where the power went out. The setting time of our book was at night and during summer. The time tells about the seasons and the time. The place where our book took place was in a tree house.

We worked very hard to include ALL the details we could. It was fun and AWESOME!

What was your favourite book setting? From which book?

-Photographer Helena

-Editor Ana Beatriz

-Writer Julienne

DSC00674 DSC00677 DSC00678 DSC00680


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