Our Top Secret Art Project

Mother’s Day art was cool we decorated some candle holders and put candles in them.

We used tissue paper and watery glue. Some students choose to use markers and stickers as well to add details.

Everyone made different designs including smiley faces, hearts , letters and other things.

We left them overnight to dry. Once they were dry we wrapped them up with green, pink, purple and yellow cellophane to look like a present.

We sat in groups and all worked on our own presents separately.

The present is beautiful!! three students got to make two from their moms and step-moms!

MOMS: Did you LOVE your awesome presents??

Did you make an awesome present for your mom?

-Photographer: Bia

-Writer: Maria Luisa

-Editor: João Pedro

DSC00736 DSC00739DSC00731


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