The Magic World of Two Minute Talks

The two minute talks are a time during the day that one person talk about something in two minutes.  For example, One day I played a joke and each of us had to share a story about a joke we played. When we do two minute talks everyone has a job the presenter and the audience. The audience must always pay attention, stay focused, with empty hands and be silent. After each two minute talk we have questions and comments.

The two minute talk has lots topics, for example? one time I played a joke, 10 things you should know about me, and guess my book.

We started our two minute talks early in the year.

We love two minute talk because it is a good time to get to talk about interesting things.

  • Thiago, João Pedro and Henrique A.K.A. BOY ISLAND!

If you could a choose a topic for a two minute talk what would it be?


The Incredible Art Lesson

One art lesson really interesting was when we did comics strips.

Comic srtrips are comics in strips based on a folktale that each one read. For example some folktales are: Mabela the Clever, Anase the forgetfull guest, Papagayo, A story A story, Monkey and Anasi and the talking melon. Here we have a few on the list,but there more in our class.

We did a few days ago, some kids finished in class, but some did it for homework.

We learned about different folktales from around the world. Some characteristcs of folktales are: morals, most of the characters are animals, are most comon short stories.

That activity was our favorite because we learned new things, we created our own comic trips, we can colour and draw, we have the posibility of knowing new books.

  • Mari, Bia and Lena
What is your favourite folktale ?
what is the moral ?


Fantastic Physical Education

In P.E. we do lots of fun things. We play dodge ball, flag tag, octopus and Maple Bear rocks! Now we are training for our June Party. We are learning a dance to perform at our June Party.  Our teacher’s name is Ms. T. She is so fun and we like her so much! She is a dancer, a ballerina. We do P.E. in the open areas downstairs beside the playground. We have a special dry fit uniform for P.E. We also do lots of exercises like yoga and warms up. Our favourite game is dodge ball we have played like 100 times.

Every Tuesday at 12:25 we have P.E..

We have P.E. because we love it! We like to run and it is apart of classes in school.

It is our favourite because we love to run and be active. We get to play lots of games and the teacher is fun! It is our favourite because we work so hard in other classes we need a break to run and move!

What is your favourite game or activity to do during physical education?

Connecting With Other Schools

The idea is to connected with other school to practice our English and learn about places around the world.  We have used skype for many different things. Our first skype meeting was with a school in Buenos Aires. We skyped with them to learn more about their weather. It was all a part of our global project Same Day in March.

Our second skype was early May with a school in Delaware, United States of America. We did a mystery skype with them! A mystery skype is when we don’t know where they are and we need to make yes or no questions to figure out where they are. Everyone had an important job to do!

Our third skype date was just last week! We skyped with a Maple Bear Elementary school in São Paulo. Their class was year 4 too!  We learnt so many cool things from them and about them. We learnt that we have more in common then we expected.

We have been skyping to learn about places around the world! We have learnt that one day in 2007 Buenos Aires had SNOW!!! They have much colder weather than us. We learnt that Delaware has different weather than us, they have hurricanes! The class in Delaware had already mystery skyped with over 70 classes and they have a blog too. We had to learn LOTS of geography terms to be able to ask our questions. Some of the words we learnt were: Northern hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, East, West, North, South ect.

We love it as we get to learn things we didn’t know before, practice our English with lots of new students and most of all it is awesome!!

  • Naiara, Ana Clara and Ana Beatriz
How do you connect with classes around the world?