Fantastic Physical Education

In P.E. we do lots of fun things. We play dodge ball, flag tag, octopus and Maple Bear rocks! Now we are training for our June Party. We are learning a dance to perform at our June Party.  Our teacher’s name is Ms. T. She is so fun and we like her so much! She is a dancer, a ballerina. We do P.E. in the open areas downstairs beside the playground. We have a special dry fit uniform for P.E. We also do lots of exercises like yoga and warms up. Our favourite game is dodge ball we have played like 100 times.

Every Tuesday at 12:25 we have P.E..

We have P.E. because we love it! We like to run and it is apart of classes in school.

It is our favourite because we love to run and be active. We get to play lots of games and the teacher is fun! It is our favourite because we work so hard in other classes we need a break to run and move!

What is your favourite game or activity to do during physical education?

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