The Incredible Art Lesson

One art lesson really interesting was when we did comics strips.

Comic srtrips are comics in strips based on a folktale that each one read. For example some folktales are: Mabela the Clever, Anase the forgetfull guest, Papagayo, A story A story, Monkey and Anasi and the talking melon. Here we have a few on the list,but there more in our class.

We did a few days ago, some kids finished in class, but some did it for homework.

We learned about different folktales from around the world. Some characteristcs of folktales are: morals, most of the characters are animals, are most comon short stories.

That activity was our favorite because we learned new things, we created our own comic trips, we can colour and draw, we have the posibility of knowing new books.

  • Mari, Bia and Lena
What is your favourite folktale ?
what is the moral ?



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