Goodbye Year 4 … You Really Were The Best!

We have just a few days left until the freedom of Summer break! Mrs. Siqueira made us work so hard everyday! To say goodbye here are a few Q&A’s to share our favorite moments and biggest challenges.

My favorite moment from year 4 was?

  •  Halloween because I ate many yummy things! – Henrique
  • Going to camp because I spend 4 days with my friends! – João Pedro
  • Mannequin challenge because we were playing in silence! – Thiago
  • Going to camp because I met new friends- Bia
  • Hey brother lip dub and I’m feeling good lip dub because it was something new and fun. – Ana Bia
  • Everything! – Ana Clara
  • Mystery skype because it was really fun to connecting to other school and guessing there they are. – Lena
  • science experiments because we tested out hypothesis to find out if we are right or not!- Naiara
  • The ending of our novel study The Thing About Georgie because we had a book club meeting and we were curious about the ending!- Maria Luisa
  • June party because Ana Bia fell off a plastic giraffe! -Bruna

The thing I thought I would never understand but now is easy is… ?

  • Science and math- Thiago
  • Area and fractions- Ana Bia
  • Healthy Habitats unit- Maria Luisa
  • Fractions- João Pedro
  • Perimeter and number patterns- Bia
  • Meters squared and number patterns – Lena

The thing I will never forget is?

  • The day we did manniquin challenge or my birthday!AND when Julienne slept forever on the way to camp! – Bia
  • The day we broke Mrs. Siqueira’s chair with a massive group hug!- Bruna
  • The mud obstacle at camp! – Maria Luisa
  • The first day of school! -Lena
  • Our field trip to the Canada Consulate!- Thiago
  • My birthday at school! – Ana Clara
  • How I met my two best friends! – Ana Bia
  • Our poetry reading! – Naiara
  • Math! – João Pedro
  • When I told everyone I was going to have a little sister! – Henrique

The hardest part of year 4 was?

  • Healthy Habitats! – Bia, Thiago, Maria Luisa
  • Poetry- Henrique
  • getting used to Mrs.Siqueira talking so fast!! – Mrs. Siqueira
  • being quiet 🙂 – Lena
  • The zeros and decimals in math – Ana Bia

My favorite thing about Mrs. Siqueira is?

  • That she is like me, allergic to gluten 🙂 – Ana Clara
  • She is the best teacher ever! – Thiago
  • She is beautiful! – Maria Luisa
  • She takes care of us- Naiara
  • That she is Canadian! -Lena
  • The best zoo keeper in the universe! – Henrique
  • Her sense of humour! and I am her favourite! – Ana Bia
  • She does everything for us! – Bia
  • That she loves us! – Bruna

I hope year 5 is… ?

  • marvilous, play, freedom, cool, funny, good and AWESOME!

Are you going to miss year 4 too? Tell us your favourite memories in the comments!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This year has been amazing and went by so fast! Thank you for all your love and support this year! – Mrs. Siqueira


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