Year end slide show

I miss you all soo much and it has only been a few days!! As promised here is our slideshow edited to excluded those not in Year 4 as they can not be on our blog!

I struggled to say all the great things I wanted to say at our presentation. You each have inspired me so much this year. One day you may understand but many things are different when you live away from home and you 13 kept me focused on the positive and I will be forever grateful for that. You each are amazing, smart and unique people that are going do to awesome things in your life and I hope over this year I have kept you on the right path to do them.

Stay strong. Be kind. Work hard. Be silly. Listen well. Read more! AND EVERYTHING WILL BE AWESOME!

-LOVE Mrs. Siqueira


PS I really hope to stay in touch if you still want to receive a postcard but haven’t given me you address you can send it privately to me via the boxes below↓ (reminder: do not put you address in the comments, use the contact form ♥)  OR email me directly (my email was on the ‘goodbye’ letter)


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