Our Super Awesome Mega Blog!!

On Wednesdays if we have earned enough good behaviuor points we get to blog! We blog in our class with three teams of three students and one team of four students. All the students of year four get to blog.

Blogging is when you have 4 teams and each team chooses a topic to write about. The topics are always about something that year 4 has done.

We blog to learn to work in a team and that we can do more together. We practice our English and editing skills. We learn new words. We also blog to share with our family and friends in other classrooms what we are up to in year 4!

  • Thiago, João Pedro and Francisco
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Paper Blogs

We have completed our last lesson before we are able to post online as class. We have been working on online safety and today we practiced appropriate and productive commenting on our papers blogs. Each of us made a ‘paper blog’ writing a paragraph on a chosen topic of interest. After editing and decorating we shared our blogs with each other.

We each took turns reading each others blogs and commenting using Post-its to answer questions, share a connection or add a comment. We learnt that to make a comment we must read the whole thing carefully and not to rush so we understand everything we are commenting on. It was a great introduction to our new reality and we are ready to start to share more of what we are up to each week.