Year end slide show

I miss you all soo much and it has only been a few days!! As promised here is our slideshow edited to excluded those not in Year 4 as they can not be on our blog!

I struggled to say all the great things I wanted to say at our presentation. You each have inspired me so much this year. One day you may understand but many things are different when you live away from home and you 13 kept me focused on the positive and I will be forever grateful for that. You each are amazing, smart and unique people that are going do to awesome things in your life and I hope over this year I have kept you on the right path to do them.

Stay strong. Be kind. Work hard. Be silly. Listen well. Read more! AND EVERYTHING WILL BE AWESOME!

-LOVE Mrs. Siqueira


PS I really hope to stay in touch if you still want to receive a postcard but haven’t given me you address you can send it privately to me via the boxes below↓ (reminder: do not put you address in the comments, use the contact form ♥)  OR email me directly (my email was on the ‘goodbye’ letter)


Amazing Presentation About Canada

Jim was here to present to us about Canada. We saw the presentation and we had a lot of questions. We listened to famous Canadian music and we saw a ‘pow-wow’ festival (it is a festival that is celebrated by aboriginal people or First Nations of Canada).  We saw Canada’s Womens and Mens hockey team win the gold metal from Vancouver 2010. WOO HOO !!  We did this to learn more about Canada.

-Lena, Ana Bia and Mari

Have you ever been to Canada? What is your favourite thing to do in Canada?

New Math Unit Interview

Mrs. Siqueira’s interview of Bruna about our new math unit:

1.) What is our new unit in math?

Our new unit is the multiplication unit.

2.) How did you feel when we started the new unit?

I felt afraid because I don’t know so much about multiplication.

3.) What do you remember from last year about multiplication?

x is the symbol for multiplication.

You need two numbers to make an equation.

If we skip count we get the multiples of a number. For example 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30…

4.) What is the multiplication chart tell us?

It tells us all the multiples of a number and the answers of some questions.

5.) How do we use the multiplication chart?

First, you find the number on the top row , for example 7, then you find the number on the side column , for example 6, then you follow the row and column until the meet. 7×6=42

6.) Anything else you want to share about our new unit?

The unit is a little bit difficult. I am nervous to have the test so I will have to study a lot!

Thank you sharing Bruna!!


Skype Date with Buenos Aires

This post is a little late because I forgot to assign it to a blog group. So this is a special post from Mrs. Siqueira!

We connected with the class in Buenos Aires as a part of The Same Day in March project we did for science. We were able to ask many questions about the weather and share with them about our weather. We learnt that it snowed there in 2007! We had no idea! They were surprised to here how hot it is here all year round. It was a great first skype date and we look forward to many more!

That day we had to practice being flexible because when the moment came to call we had technical difficulties with our smart board and thats why we are all huddled around a laptop. We still had so much fun! We are going to keep working on taking turn and listening carefully so we can keep learning more from classrooms around the world.

-Mrs. Siqueira

DSC00466 DSC00467


We had two ‘googlers’ incase they asked us tough questions we couldn’t answer right away.

Hey Brother Lip Dub!!

This week we had a special project from Maple Bear Brasil to complete and it wasn’t an average project!!

All of year 4 has been working so hard this week on our very own LIP DUB VIDEO!! Next week we will be posting all about how we made the video but I couldn’t wait to share the video.

So please enjoy our hard work!! Don’t forget to comment if you love it too!!

An extra special thank you to my assistant director Ana Clara and Ms. Flavia!

Mrs. Siqueira


Pair ‘Book Reports’

English language arts is getting exciting! As we work on developing independence and ownership of our learning we were introduced to our new project, BOOK REPORTS! Mrs. Siqueira ensures us that it is not old-school book reports. It is a monthly opportunity for us to share what we are reading at home. With so many options for ‘book reports’ we practices today in pairs to prepare us for April. Each pair was given a picture book to practice with. First we read the whole book and talked with our partner about it. Once we knew the story we chose from a big list which ‘book report’ we wanted to work on.

We made a few different options from the list like a new book jacket, character illustration, map of key locations and even a character wanted poster. Starting April we are going to get to try at home as part of our home reading program.

What is you favourite part of a book? Have a ‘book report’ idea to share it?

Want to know more about our book reports options, go here.

DSC00123 DSC00124 DSC00121 DSC00126 DSC00129

Year 4 Vision Video!!

In the first week of school with all the newness surrounding us, with all the excitement that is back-to-school we took some time to look past the moment and imagine the whole year. As we thought about what we wanted this year our vision video came to be. After democratically choosing an inspiring song for our video we got to work in creating our posters. We each made two poster to inspire the year.

Here is the final product. Can you imagine if each day we focused on theses ideas! The year would be AWESOME!!

How can you help us stay focused on our best year ever?

The KEY to friendship

After our first math assessment on Thursday we took the afternoon to refocus on friendship and art! As we have been reading and talking about how to be a good friend (and a bad one) so we set out to identify the KEYS to friendship! We realized friendships need everything from craziness to communication and even politeness!! After working hard our room has gotten and little bit friendlier and a lot more colourful!

What is your key to friendship?

DSC00098 DSC00094 DSC00095 DSC00114 DSC00116

Paper Blogs

We have completed our last lesson before we are able to post online as class. We have been working on online safety and today we practiced appropriate and productive commenting on our papers blogs. Each of us made a ‘paper blog’ writing a paragraph on a chosen topic of interest. After editing and decorating we shared our blogs with each other.

We each took turns reading each others blogs and commenting using Post-its to answer questions, share a connection or add a comment. We learnt that to make a comment we must read the whole thing carefully and not to rush so we understand everything we are commenting on. It was a great introduction to our new reality and we are ready to start to share more of what we are up to each week.


Welcome to Grade 4!!

Dear Parents, Students and Families!

I am happy to welcome you to our grade 4 blog and website!

Here you will find our classroom blog where we will post about what we are learning and doing in the class each week and we encourage you to comment and connect with us here. Our blog guidelines can be found here. The website also contains important class information.

I am very excited to get to know your child and watch them grow throughout the year. What happens in this classroom will affect your child’s future. They may come home exhausted from all the thinking and learning done throughout the day. But I will make every minute in my classroom count.

I am looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure your children can achieve their highest potential. I recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support from both the home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities.

On a personal level, I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and am now living here in Rio with my husband. I’m working hard to learn Portuguese so please be patient!

I have two bachelors degrees and a masters degree, including: A BA in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University in Toronto and a bachelors of Education from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I also hold an international master in Early Childhood Education and Care from four universities.

I am very passionate about my job and working with children. I look forward to sharing my passion for education with your child. My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique and requires different methods of learning. I try to incorporate a variety of learning methods in my classroom every day.

Mrs. Siquira