Hey Brother Lip Dub!!

This week we had a special project from Maple Bear Brasil to complete and it wasn’t an average project!!

All of year 4 has been working so hard this week on our very own LIP DUB VIDEO!! Next week we will be posting all about how we made the video but I couldn’t wait to share the video.

So please enjoy our hard work!! Don’t forget to comment if you love it too!!

An extra special thank you to my assistant director Ana Clara and Ms. Flavia!

Mrs. Siqueira



Our Music Class

In music class we are learning to play piano. We are learning to read notes like quarter notes and half notes.

One music class we chose a songs and sang it. After we found the rhythm of the song.  Our teacher is Ms. C, she is cool. She can play the guitar. We play musical instruments and sing with our teacher.

We do music on the blue mat as well as at our desks.

Ms. C brings a magic piano!!! We can play with our FEET!! It is so exciting to play! YEAH!!

We created songs with the notes and after we sing them.

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