Our Special Volleyball and Basketball Player Visit

Yesterday after the assembly in the court yard at school we had two very special guests Camilinha Saldanha and Nicolas Pairone. Camilinha is a volleyball player and Nicolas plays basketball. Camilinha talked about her early experience playing volleyball and her passion for playing. She also showed us some of her metals. Nicolas talked about basketball! His experience playing with some NBA players and his team in Italy. We were lucky enough to have this visit because the Olympics are coming!! Rio 2016 starts next week and world class athletes are arriving everyday!


Have you met a volleyball player or a basketball player? If you have what was your experience? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments!


Fantastic Physical Education

In P.E. we do lots of fun things. We play dodge ball, flag tag, octopus and Maple Bear rocks! Now we are training for our June Party. We are learning a dance to perform at our June Party.  Our teacher’s name is Ms. T. She is so fun and we like her so much! She is a dancer, a ballerina. We do P.E. in the open areas downstairs beside the playground. We have a special dry fit uniform for P.E. We also do lots of exercises like yoga and warms up. Our favourite game is dodge ball we have played like 100 times.

Every Tuesday at 12:25 we have P.E..

We have P.E. because we love it! We like to run and it is apart of classes in school.

It is our favourite because we love to run and be active. We get to play lots of games and the teacher is fun! It is our favourite because we work so hard in other classes we need a break to run and move!

What is your favourite game or activity to do during physical education?

Our Music Class

In music class we are learning to play piano. We are learning to read notes like quarter notes and half notes.

One music class we chose a songs and sang it. After we found the rhythm of the song.  Our teacher is Ms. C, she is cool. She can play the guitar. We play musical instruments and sing with our teacher.

We do music on the blue mat as well as at our desks.

Ms. C brings a magic piano!!! We can play with our FEET!! It is so exciting to play! YEAH!!

We created songs with the notes and after we sing them.

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Zika Project

Last Wednesday we did a project, it’s not your typical project!  It was…


Yes, a Zika project. We had to make posters about how to prevent Zika and the common symptom of Zika. When we were doing this work we were working in pairs! When we chose our partner Mrs. Siqueira gave us sentences to copy on a piece of paper. Some of us had Zika prevention and some of us had Zika symptoms. Once we copied the sentences we made a picture to match. Mrs. Siqueira said when we finish our school will make a pamphlet to give to our neighbours so they don’t get in Zika.

How do you prevent Zika? Have you done this project as well? Do you have the same types of mosquitos as us?

  • Naiara, João Pedro & Lena

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Easter Art

Hello guys!

Today we are writing about Easter art. Before Easter we drew Easter eggs. We used our imagination to make multi-coloured eggs. First we drew some lines to create sections. Each section had a different drawing or patterns.

We worked almost 3 days making our eggs. Then we cut out the eggs out and used tape to hang on the wall. All eggs are very AWESOME! Grade 4 loved making this art project!

Do you like easter eggs?

  • Henrique, Ana Clara and Bia 🙂

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English Language Art Centres

We do English Language Centres to practice important skills. We do the centres in small groups.

It was really cool we do lots of different things. For example: super sentences, verb charades and guided reading.

Super sentences:

Super sentences is an activity that chose a sentence and we need to make it a SUPER SENTENCE.

for example,

My dog ran away.

My dog ran really really fast, I can not find him, he ran away.

Verb Charades

Verb charades is like mime. One person starts by getting a card with a verb on it and acting it out SILENTLY!!! The other players guess the verb.


Acting out verbs can make you look a little silly!


Guided Reading:

Guided reading is when you read the same book with a small group. Mrs. Siqueira assess our ability to read and reading comprehension.

Guided reading is important for us to practice new skills, work as a team and learn new words!!

Guided reading is important for us to practice new skills, work as a team and learn new words!!

These were our ELA Centres this week.

Do you have ELA centres in your school?