Goodbye Year 4 … You Really Were The Best!

We have just a few days left until the freedom of Summer break! Mrs. Siqueira made us work so hard everyday! To say goodbye here are a few Q&A’s to share our favorite moments and biggest challenges.

My favorite moment from year 4 was?

  •  Halloween because I ate many yummy things! – Henrique
  • Going to camp because I spend 4 days with my friends! – João Pedro
  • Mannequin challenge because we were playing in silence! – Thiago
  • Going to camp because I met new friends- Bia
  • Hey brother lip dub and I’m feeling good lip dub because it was something new and fun. – Ana Bia
  • Everything! – Ana Clara
  • Mystery skype because it was really fun to connecting to other school and guessing there they are. – Lena
  • science experiments because we tested out hypothesis to find out if we are right or not!- Naiara
  • The ending of our novel study The Thing About Georgie because we had a book club meeting and we were curious about the ending!- Maria Luisa
  • June party because Ana Bia fell off a plastic giraffe! -Bruna

The thing I thought I would never understand but now is easy is… ?

  • Science and math- Thiago
  • Area and fractions- Ana Bia
  • Healthy Habitats unit- Maria Luisa
  • Fractions- João Pedro
  • Perimeter and number patterns- Bia
  • Meters squared and number patterns – Lena

The thing I will never forget is?

  • The day we did manniquin challenge or my birthday!AND when Julienne slept forever on the way to camp! – Bia
  • The day we broke Mrs. Siqueira’s chair with a massive group hug!- Bruna
  • The mud obstacle at camp! – Maria Luisa
  • The first day of school! -Lena
  • Our field trip to the Canada Consulate!- Thiago
  • My birthday at school! – Ana Clara
  • How I met my two best friends! – Ana Bia
  • Our poetry reading! – Naiara
  • Math! – João Pedro
  • When I told everyone I was going to have a little sister! – Henrique

The hardest part of year 4 was?

  • Healthy Habitats! – Bia, Thiago, Maria Luisa
  • Poetry- Henrique
  • getting used to Mrs.Siqueira talking so fast!! – Mrs. Siqueira
  • being quiet 🙂 – Lena
  • The zeros and decimals in math – Ana Bia

My favorite thing about Mrs. Siqueira is?

  • That she is like me, allergic to gluten 🙂 – Ana Clara
  • She is the best teacher ever! – Thiago
  • She is beautiful! – Maria Luisa
  • She takes care of us- Naiara
  • That she is Canadian! -Lena
  • The best zoo keeper in the universe! – Henrique
  • Her sense of humour! and I am her favourite! – Ana Bia
  • She does everything for us! – Bia
  • That she loves us! – Bruna

I hope year 5 is… ?

  • marvilous, play, freedom, cool, funny, good and AWESOME!

Are you going to miss year 4 too? Tell us your favourite memories in the comments!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This year has been amazing and went by so fast! Thank you for all your love and support this year! – Mrs. Siqueira


Mannequin Challenge

Hello everyone,

I know we have been away from the blog for a few weeks now, life is getting very busy in year 4! Luckily we found a few minute to join in the fun of the mannequin challenge that everyone seems to be doing.

Check out our first two tries … (not counting the one the ended in giggles)!!



Remembrance Day November 11th

10 Quick Facts on… In Flanders Fields

  1. Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was the Canadian army doctor who wrote the world famous poem In Flanders Fields.
  2. John McCrae was born in Guelph, Ontario, on November 30, 1872.
  3. He attended the University of Toronto Medical School. He liked to write and some of his poems and short stories were published in a variety of magazines. He completed his degree in 1898.
  4. He led a battery with the Canadian Field Artillery during the South African War.
  5. When the First World War broke out in 1914, McCrae was 41 years old. He enlisted and was appointed brigade-surgeon in the First Brigade of the Canadian Field Artillery.
  6. In April 1915, McCrae was stationed near Ypres, Belgium, in the area called Flanders.
  7. On May 2, 1915, McCrae’s friend, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, was killed in action and buried in a makeshift grave. Wild poppies were already beginning to bloom between the crosses marking the many graves and he was inspired to write In Flanders Fields the next day.
  8. In Flanders Fields was first published in England’s Punch magazine in December 1915. Within months, this poem came to symbolize the sacrifice of all who were fighting in the First World War.
  9. John McCrae died on January 28, 1918, of illness and is buried in Wimereux Cemetery, near Boulogne, France.
  10. Today, people around the world continue to recite the famous poem.


Amazing Presentation About Canada

Jim was here to present to us about Canada. We saw the presentation and we had a lot of questions. We listened to famous Canadian music and we saw a ‘pow-wow’ festival (it is a festival that is celebrated by aboriginal people or First Nations of Canada).  We saw Canada’s Womens and Mens hockey team win the gold metal from Vancouver 2010. WOO HOO !!  We did this to learn more about Canada.

-Lena, Ana Bia and Mari

Have you ever been to Canada? What is your favourite thing to do in Canada?

Thanksgiving Art

Ladies and Gentlemen we did a project that was called Thanksgiving hand art! All of year 4 made one. First we traced our hand on paper, then we wrote on the hand. We used brown, green, orange, yellow and red paper. On each finger we wrote what we were thankful for. An example we were thankful for family, friends, water, food and school. We put our beautiful project ourside on the board and everyone can see our art. A pretty turkey at school. Our hands became the colourful feathers of the turkey.

-Bruna, Ana Clara and Julienne

What are you Thanksgiving traditions to celebrate? Tell us all about in the comments.

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Fantastic Habitat Models

On August 31st year 4 made habitats models in science class. All of the class made one in small groups. The groups were: ‘the boys’ made a fox habitat, girls 1 made an octopus habitat, girls 2 made hippo habitat and group girls 3 a dolphin habitat.

We did the project to demonstrate that we know about habitats and because our science unit was about habitats.

  • Ana Bia, Mari and Bruna
Have you ever made a habitat model? If you did tell us about it in the comments. If no give it a try it is really fun.





Grids and Coordinates: New Math Unit

On Tuesday of the last week of September or the 27th of September 2016 in Year 4 class at Maple Bear Barra we started a new math unit.

Our new unit is called Transformational Geometry in the Math Makes Sense textbook. This unit is very easy for us after working so hard in math all year.

  • Thiago, João Pedro and Francisco
Will you study transformational geometry in grade 4 too?

Special Project

We made this special project over the last few weeks. The Magic School Bus project was made in year 4 class. All the students of year 4 class worked hard on the MSB projects.

Each student chose a MSB chapter book. We each read our books over one week, some students finished early. On the project we had to put 15 booklets sharing information about the book topic.

We did the projects to learn about many different topics. We are also going to use the projects for a scavenger hunt with year 3.


  • Beatriz, Henrique and Naiara
Have you ever read a Magic School Bus book? Chapter book? Picture book? What did you like about it?

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Our Amazing Weekly Assembly

Every Tuesday morning at 7:45AM on the playground we have our assembly. All of elementary school students, teachers and some parents. At the assembly we sing the National Anthems of Brazil and Canada.  We sing the anthems each week to show that we are proud of our country and to represent them.

Some assemblies we celebrate important days like Canada Day, Brazil Independence Day, Tree day, Water day and many more.

On very special weeks we have had special visitors including many athletes.

-Ana Clara, Maria Luisa and Julienne

Does your school have assemblies?


Hey everyone!!

We are back after an exciting two weeks off full of rest and OLYMPICS a few of us were even lucky enough to travel out of Brazil.

Here are our favourite moments from the break…

At Canada House during the swimming athletes celebration I was able to meet Penny Oleksiak!! I got to take a photo with her and hold all 4 of her medals!! It was the most exciting moment because she is such an inspiration and an AMAZING CANADIAN!! – Mrs. Siqueira

My favourite moment from the Olympic break was to travel with my mom and dad to Buenos Aires and Bariloche. My favourite moment in Buenos Aires was buying things like clothes, assessories and toys. I also enjoyed going to a children’s  museum with tornadoes, sounds and many chemicals.  I danced tango at Caminito.  My favourite part in Bariloche was making a snowman named Junior  and eating so many chocolates. – Maria Luísa

My favourite moment from the Olympic  break when I found out I was getting a dog!! I love dogs and asked my mom so many times! My dog is a Pomeranian, My dog is from a breeder of Shit-zus and Pomeranians. The breeder lives in Itapuaçu. I will get my dog on Saturday. I already know his name Luke Skywalker and his nickname is Luke. This was my favourite moment because I was soooo excited!! – Mari

My favourite moment from the Olympic break was when I went to the basketball game, Spain vs. Lithuania. I was with my brother and my cousin. The games was on Saturday August 13th at 7 PM. Spain won the game 100 -60, more or less. The game was at the Ollympic Park. A fun part of this evening was when a Brazilian basketball player named Oscar was there and everyone started shouting “ole ole ole ola Oscar Oscar”. – Bia

My favourite moment form the Olympic break was when I went to my aunt’s house. We went with my aunt and cousins to Beach Park, a big waterslide park. While there I went to a shopping mall and there I went to the cinema. I also went to Ipark it is a big nature park and a has a museum of Cachaça and the biggest tunnel in the world. I also went to Bahia with my two aunts. – Naiara

My favourite moment from the Olympic break was when I went to see my uncle, aunt and cousin in Sunnyvale, California.  This was my favourite moment because I have’t seen my family for one year! –Thiago

My favourite moment from the Olympic break was going to a basketball game in the Arena Carioca 1 in the Olympic park. The game was China vs Serbia. I was cheering for China but Serbia won! At the game my seat was really high. It was at the very top of the arena. The game didn’t have too many people in the crowd, so I got another seat. When I was about to go in the ginormous room I got popcorn.  The basketball game was really awesome, cool and AMAZING!!! – Lena

My favourite moment from the Olympic break was that I went to Brasilia and watched a game of soccer in the stadium. My father, my mom and my father’s friend went to the game.  My team won 2-0. I like that my team won and i like to see my team upclose! – Francisco

One of my favourite moments during the Olympic break was Brazil vs Germany soccer final!! It was my favourite because the last time Brazil played Germany, Brazil lost 7-1! 😦 I was mad at Germany but now we got revenge! The game happened at Maracanã. – Henrique

My favourite moment from the Olympic break was when I visited many of the hospitality houses including: Canada, NBA, Germany and Brazil. I loved visiting the house so much! I liked it because they had a lot of things. The best house was NBA and Brazil house. – Julienne

My favourite moment form the Olympic break watching a lot on sport on TV with my family. My favourite part was going to the mall with my mom and my little brother. I liked it beacuse there was a big Sumsung stand and you could collect pins. To get them you had to complete a lot of fun activities. I got 8 pins for my collection! – Bruna

My favourite moment from Olympics was when I went for the first time to watch the Olympic games in person in my whole life. I watched basketball and women’s soccer final. I like the soccer the most becuase it was more exciting than watching basketball. I also enjoyed going to my Grandma’s house and watch olympics. –Ana Beatriz

My favourite moment from the Olympic break was beating my record in the game Hotzone one day before I traveleed to Chile. THe name of the game Galaga. I have another game that I like but Galaga is my favourite. – João Pedro

Now we are ready to work hard and finish year 4!! Don’t forget to tell us in the comments your favourite moments!