The grade 4 curriculum is very diverse and challenging, homework can be an important reinforcement tool to help students achieve mastery with the standards.  Homework will be assigned to your son/daughter to reinforce concepts already discussed in class and always be a natural extension of their class coursework.  Many homework assignments will require your student to study at home.  When studying at home, students should have a quiet, distraction-free environment.  Throughout the school year, your son/daughter will also be responsible for various assignments that may require a commitment of time on his/her weekend to complete, however, these occasions will be limited.

Homework MAY be posted here, though adjustments and adaptions may occur during the week. You child will have the most up-to-date information in regards to homework.

These assignment are in addition to the home reading program.

If at any time there are any issues in relation to the homework please contact me as soon as possible.