Home Reading Program

Welcome to the Home Reading Program!!

The purpose is to build fluency, comprehension, word-solving and a love for reading in a supportive, loving environment using text at an independent-level.

Your child is expected to read EVERY DAY for a minimum for 20 minutes!! 

Home Reading Welcome Letter

To create an opportunity for you child to share their reading with the class ‘Book Reports’ must be submitted for books they read. The term ‘report’ is used loosely and is just an opportunity to share aspects of what has been read. A minimum of one book report per month in expect however students may submit more based on their reading. It is not expected that students submit for each book they read though they are welcome to.

Listed below are a few ‘book report’ ideas to start. There are many ways to share books in the class and students are encouraged to be creative and find new and different ways to share what they are reading. Some ideas will work better with some books find an idea that works for you or adapted to what works.

All Genres

Amazon Book Listing

Marketing Expert. That is your new job title! Every book on Amazon.com has a listing that informs buyers about the book. Your job is to create a paper version for the novel you have read. You may follow this sample  or  this Blank Copy  or get creative and make your own format be sure to include all the important aspects!

Character Wanted Poster

Make “wanted” posters for characters in the book. Choose characters from the book who could be “wanted” for crimes, failures, or mistakes. Research sample wanted posters. Information to include on your poster: the “crime,” physical description, where the character was last seen, and reward amount.

New Book Jacket

Make a new book jacket for the book.

  • Front cover: Draw and colour an illustration for the book.
  • Inside front flap: Write descriptions of the main characters.
  • Inside back flap: Write a description of the setting and a short summary of the book.
  • Back cover: Write quotes from the book that are important to understanding the story.

Letter to the Author

Write a letter to the author(s). Include all elements of a friendly letter and be sure to properly format your letter.


  • Your opinion of the book and why
  • The character in the book you are most like and why
  • Your favorite part of the book and why
  • Questions that you have about the book

Character Interview

Write out an interview between you and a character. Write 10 questions to ask the character. Then, answer each question as you think the character would respond based on the book.

Character Portrait

Draw and paint or colour a portrait of a character. Be sure to include a description of the character whom you coloured or painted.

Illustrated Timeline

Choose at least 10 important events from the story. Write a description of each event, and draw & colour an illustration for each event. The events should be on the timeline in the order in which they occurred.

Make a Map

Make a map of places where the story took place. The map should be coloured. Write a description of what each place is and why it is important.

Scene Illustration

Illustrate three important scenes from the book. Drawings should be coloured. Write a description of what each scene is and why it is important.

Book Award

 Create a book award. Create a special award for the book as well as an award ribbon. Illustrate the book’s cover, and attach the book award ribbon. On the back of the book’s cover, explain why you are giving the award.

CD Cover

Create a CD album booklet about the book. Illustrate the front cover, and include the CD title and band On the back, come up with 10 song titles that represent characters, settings, or events in the book.  On the inside of the booklet, write a short summary of the book.

Character Report Card

Write a report card for a character in your book. Choose a character in your book, and evaluate 5 of his or her traits based on how the character behaved in the story. Support each grade with details from the book.

Create a Book Test

Write a test about the book you read. Use information from the book to create a test that you could give other readers to check their understanding of the story. The test could include matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer questions.

Book Presentation

Make a PowerPoint, or use any other media you like, presentation about your book. Include information such as title, author, plot outline, setting description, character descriptions, favourite part, book review, and facts that you learned.

Fiction Books

Comic Book

Write a comic book version of your book. Use comic panes, call-outs, and colored illustrations to retell the story.

Character Diary

Write diary entries that a character would write that include details about the story. Diary entries should be at least 10 sentences each.

Letter to a Character

Write a letter to the main character of your book.Include all elements of a friendly letter and be sure to properly format your letter. Include questions, complaints, suggestions, or opinions.

Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure for a book. Make a colourful brochure based on the setting of your book. Give reasons people should want to visit this location. Describe what occurred in this location in the book.


 Send postcards from one of the characters to your teacher or friends. On the back of each postcard, write a short summary of an important event from the story from the character’s point of view. On the front, illustrate that event.

Picture Book Version

Create a picture book version of your book. Rewrite the book for a Kindergarten or 1st grade audience. Use short sentences and age-appropriate words so that they can read it easily. Illustrate each page to go along with the story.

Character Venn Diagram

Create a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences between the main character and yourself.

Non-Fiction Books

Vocabulary Wheel

Complete the following template to highlight 12 new or difficult vocabulary from the book.

Vocabulary Wheel Template

Ten Facts Sheet

Create a fact sheet of 10 facts that you learned from the book.

Trading Card

Create a sports trading card for a sports figure. On the front, draw and colour a picture of the person. On the back, write the person’s statistics such as name; birthday; hometown; high school or university attended; sport played; how he or she got started in the sport; and important accomplishments.