Weather Watch UNIT 1

Our first unit in science is called WEATHER WATCH! Our science units will be cross-curricular and will meet many of the math and English expected outcomes for the year as well.

The particular SCIENCE outcomes for this unit are:

  • Measure weather in terms of temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed and direction
  • Analyse impacts of weather on living and non‐living things

Additionally we will continue to develop our understanding of the processes of science. The outcomes below are for all science units in year 4:

  • Make predictions, supported by reasons and relevant to the content
  • Use data from investigations to recognize patterns and relationships and reach conclusions

ALL of these outcomes are big picture ideas!!

They will look different in different lessons and different units!


In addition to the Maple Bear curriculum our class will be participating in the global education project “The Same Day in March“.

It is an opportunity to connect our goals and outcomes within the classroom to the reality of the global classroom. It is an exciting project that will help bring to life the realities of weather around the world.