Thanksgiving Art

Ladies and Gentlemen we did a project that was called Thanksgiving hand art! All of year 4 made one. First we traced our hand on paper, then we wrote on the hand. We used brown, green, orange, yellow and red paper. On each finger we wrote what we were thankful for. An example we were thankful for family, friends, water, food and school. We put our beautiful project ourside on the board and everyone can see our art. A pretty turkey at school. Our hands became the colourful feathers of the turkey.

-Bruna, Ana Clara and Julienne

What are you Thanksgiving traditions to celebrate? Tell us all about in the comments.

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Fantastic Habitat Models

On August 31st year 4 made habitats models in science class. All of the class made one in small groups. The groups were: ‘the boys’ made a fox habitat, girls 1 made an octopus habitat, girls 2 made hippo habitat and group girls 3 a dolphin habitat.

We did the project to demonstrate that we know about habitats and because our science unit was about habitats.

  • Ana Bia, Mari and Bruna
Have you ever made a habitat model? If you did tell us about it in the comments. If no give it a try it is really fun.





The Incredible Olympic Games Rio 2016

We are so excited for the Olympics that will start next week in Rio. The opening ceremony will be on the 5th of August in Maracanã. We did an activity in our Portuguese class. It was a timeline of all the Modern Olympic games from Athens 1896 until Rio 2016. All the places were divided among year 4 students each of us did 1,2 or 3 places.  We made powerpoints, posters or papers about each Olympics. We did this because the olympics are close and we know a lot of things about past Olympics.

Have you even made an Olympics timeline? Do you have a favourite Olympics? Tell us all about it in the comments?

Our Emily Carr Inspired Drawings

Last Thursday we started our special art project in class. All year 4 students made it. First we all chose a picture of a Canadian landscape. Then using pencil we drew the landscape with lots of details. Then some of us coloured our landscapes. Some of us did not colour because they had so many details in their drawing. We made these pictures to prepare for the knowledge fair on Saturday. The knowledge fair is a presentation about an artist that we try to imitate and display.  Our artist is Emily Carr. Emily Carr is a Canadian artist who paints aboriginal themed and landscapes paintings.

How you even drawn a lanscape? Which landscape did you draw? Tell us in the comments!

What Are You Thinking About???

Yesterday we started our ‘What Are You Thinking poem?’ and we will finish today.  We all worked in our classroom. All year 4 students wrote a poem. We wrote a lot of poems. Each person wrote one about what is in their head. We wrote this poem to learn that visual poems exist. Visual poems can be any shape and the important part is the image as it tell us a story about the poem.

-Mari , Naiara, Ana Bia and Ana Clara

Have you ever done a visual poem? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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The Incredible Art Lesson

One art lesson really interesting was when we did comics strips.

Comic srtrips are comics in strips based on a folktale that each one read. For example some folktales are: Mabela the Clever, Anase the forgetfull guest, Papagayo, A story A story, Monkey and Anasi and the talking melon. Here we have a few on the list,but there more in our class.

We did a few days ago, some kids finished in class, but some did it for homework.

We learned about different folktales from around the world. Some characteristcs of folktales are: morals, most of the characters are animals, are most comon short stories.

That activity was our favorite because we learned new things, we created our own comic trips, we can colour and draw, we have the posibility of knowing new books.

  • Mari, Bia and Lena
What is your favourite folktale ?
what is the moral ?


Our Top Secret Art Project

Mother’s Day art was cool we decorated some candle holders and put candles in them.

We used tissue paper and watery glue. Some students choose to use markers and stickers as well to add details.

Everyone made different designs including smiley faces, hearts , letters and other things.

We left them overnight to dry. Once they were dry we wrapped them up with green, pink, purple and yellow cellophane to look like a present.

We sat in groups and all worked on our own presents separately.

The present is beautiful!! three students got to make two from their moms and step-moms!

MOMS: Did you LOVE your awesome presents??

Did you make an awesome present for your mom?

-Photographer: Bia

-Writer: Maria Luisa

-Editor: João Pedro

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The KEY to friendship

After our first math assessment on Thursday we took the afternoon to refocus on friendship and art! As we have been reading and talking about how to be a good friend (and a bad one) so we set out to identify the KEYS to friendship! We realized friendships need everything from craziness to communication and even politeness!! After working hard our room has gotten and little bit friendlier and a lot more colourful!

What is your key to friendship?

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