Connecting With Other Schools

The idea is to connected with other school to practice our English and learn about places around the world.  We have used skype for many different things. Our first skype meeting was with a school in Buenos Aires. We skyped with them to learn more about their weather. It was all a part of our global project Same Day in March.

Our second skype was early May with a school in Delaware, United States of America. We did a mystery skype with them! A mystery skype is when we don’t know where they are and we need to make yes or no questions to figure out where they are. Everyone had an important job to do!

Our third skype date was just last week! We skyped with a Maple Bear Elementary school in São Paulo. Their class was year 4 too!  We learnt so many cool things from them and about them. We learnt that we have more in common then we expected.

We have been skyping to learn about places around the world! We have learnt that one day in 2007 Buenos Aires had SNOW!!! They have much colder weather than us. We learnt that Delaware has different weather than us, they have hurricanes! The class in Delaware had already mystery skyped with over 70 classes and they have a blog too. We had to learn LOTS of geography terms to be able to ask our questions. Some of the words we learnt were: Northern hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, East, West, North, South ect.

We love it as we get to learn things we didn’t know before, practice our English with lots of new students and most of all it is awesome!!

  • Naiara, Ana Clara and Ana Beatriz
How do you connect with classes around the world?

Skype Date with Buenos Aires

This post is a little late because I forgot to assign it to a blog group. So this is a special post from Mrs. Siqueira!

We connected with the class in Buenos Aires as a part of The Same Day in March project we did for science. We were able to ask many questions about the weather and share with them about our weather. We learnt that it snowed there in 2007! We had no idea! They were surprised to here how hot it is here all year round. It was a great first skype date and we look forward to many more!

That day we had to practice being flexible because when the moment came to call we had technical difficulties with our smart board and thats why we are all huddled around a laptop. We still had so much fun! We are going to keep working on taking turn and listening carefully so we can keep learning more from classrooms around the world.

-Mrs. Siqueira

DSC00466 DSC00467


We had two ‘googlers’ incase they asked us tough questions we couldn’t answer right away.

Our Music Class

In music class we are learning to play piano. We are learning to read notes like quarter notes and half notes.

One music class we chose a songs and sang it. After we found the rhythm of the song.  Our teacher is Ms. C, she is cool. She can play the guitar. We play musical instruments and sing with our teacher.

We do music on the blue mat as well as at our desks.

Ms. C brings a magic piano!!! We can play with our FEET!! It is so exciting to play! YEAH!!

We created songs with the notes and after we sing them.

  • Bear Bloggers : Thiago, Maria Luísa and Bruna
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Zika Project

Last Wednesday we did a project, it’s not your typical project!  It was…


Yes, a Zika project. We had to make posters about how to prevent Zika and the common symptom of Zika. When we were doing this work we were working in pairs! When we chose our partner Mrs. Siqueira gave us sentences to copy on a piece of paper. Some of us had Zika prevention and some of us had Zika symptoms. Once we copied the sentences we made a picture to match. Mrs. Siqueira said when we finish our school will make a pamphlet to give to our neighbours so they don’t get in Zika.

How do you prevent Zika? Have you done this project as well? Do you have the same types of mosquitos as us?

  • Naiara, João Pedro & Lena

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Easter Art

Hello guys!

Today we are writing about Easter art. Before Easter we drew Easter eggs. We used our imagination to make multi-coloured eggs. First we drew some lines to create sections. Each section had a different drawing or patterns.

We worked almost 3 days making our eggs. Then we cut out the eggs out and used tape to hang on the wall. All eggs are very AWESOME! Grade 4 loved making this art project!

Do you like easter eggs?

  • Henrique, Ana Clara and Bia 🙂

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English Language Art Centres

We do English Language Centres to practice important skills. We do the centres in small groups.

It was really cool we do lots of different things. For example: super sentences, verb charades and guided reading.

Super sentences:

Super sentences is an activity that chose a sentence and we need to make it a SUPER SENTENCE.

for example,

My dog ran away.

My dog ran really really fast, I can not find him, he ran away.

Verb Charades

Verb charades is like mime. One person starts by getting a card with a verb on it and acting it out SILENTLY!!! The other players guess the verb.


Acting out verbs can make you look a little silly!


Guided Reading:

Guided reading is when you read the same book with a small group. Mrs. Siqueira assess our ability to read and reading comprehension.

Guided reading is important for us to practice new skills, work as a team and learn new words!!

Guided reading is important for us to practice new skills, work as a team and learn new words!!

These were our ELA Centres this week.

Do you have ELA centres in your school?


St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s day was very fun!! We played a very cool game. Everyone was wearing GREEN!! Mrs. Siqueira lived in Ireland for one year and she showed us some of her photos for the game. The game was like this: there are two teams. Team one and team two. First, Mrs. Siqueira put one photo on the SMART board and one person from each team had to write adjectives about the picture. We lost a point of we wrote a non-adjective word. If both teams wrote the same word no one got a point. The team that had the most points won!! 

Have you even played this game before? How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

-Naiara, Helena and João Pedro

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In science class we are working on atmosphere, air pressure and on a project called On the Same Day in March.

On the Same Day in March:

For this project we need to measure the temperature here (Rio, de Janeiro, Brazil) and record it in a shared google doc with other classes in different places in the world.


Atmosphere is the air around the earth and because of that we survive. The atmosphere has four layers and all together they are 500KM above earth.

Air pressure:

Air pressure is the force with which air pushes against the earth surface.

EXTRA: if we didn’t have air pressure we would explode. why??

If you don’t know the answer, here it is. Inside of us has air that pushes us in all directions at the same time and thank goodness we have air outside of us that pushes back and because of that we won’t explode. If we didn’t have air or our atmosphere we would explode.

  • Ana Beatriz, Mariana and Julienne


Math Games

Math games are games based on math skills we are learning. Every Friday we play math games. Math games help us practice important skills to get smarter.  This week we played ‘make the biggest number’ with cards. To play the game we used a place value chart and 9 playing cards from 1-9. We shuffled the card and placed them upside down. The first player picks a card and places it on the place value chart. The higher numbers should go in the thousands, then hundreds. The lower cards should go in the ones place value.

We enjoyed this game a lot! It helps us for assessments and work.

  • Helena, João Pedro and Naiara
Have you ever played this math game before? Do you have a favourite math game?

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Our First Pen Pal Letters

About two weeks ago we received out pen pal letter and we were so EXCITED! Our letters came all the way from Surrey, BC, CANADA! Our class was crazy!! We wanted to read our letter in that exact moment. We did activities together to brainstorm what to write about us, our school and questions to ask. In class we did drafts in our English notebooks to write everything correctly. Our pen pals are ages 10, 11 and 12 years old. Their names are very different for us, we think they feel the same about our names.

– Maria Luísa, Bruna and Thiago

Do you have a pen pal?