Super Camp Paiol

Eight students from year 4 and two students from year 3 and Maple Bear Niterói year 4 through year 9 went to camp Paiol Grande in São Paulo. We went to Paiol to have fun and meet new friends.

We did a lot of fun activities including: crawled through the mud, slacklined over the river, completed a obstacle course and played a game called Medusa that was like treasure hunt at night.

We went a waterfall that was freezing cold water, it took us 45 minutes hiking to get there!

We completed a treasure hunt in 6 different groups and when we found the treasure it was a Paiol T-shirt.

-Bia, Naiara and Luli

What is your favourite activity at camp? Which camp do you go to?

Our Super Awesome Mega Blog!!

On Wednesdays if we have earned enough good behaviuor points we get to blog! We blog in our class with three teams of three students and one team of four students. All the students of year four get to blog.

Blogging is when you have 4 teams and each team chooses a topic to write about. The topics are always about something that year 4 has done.

We blog to learn to work in a team and that we can do more together. We practice our English and editing skills. We learn new words. We also blog to share with our family and friends in other classrooms what we are up to in year 4!

  • Thiago, João Pedro and Francisco
Do you have a favourite blog topic? Tell us about in the comments.

Wind Science Experiments

In science we did really fun experiments this week. We did these experiments to learn better about the wind. We did one that we used a bottle, the second one we used a wind measure and the third we used a pin wheel.


In the bottle experiement we put cold water with green food colouring and hot colourless water divided by cardboard. We removed the cardboard slowly and let the water mix. We learnt that what hot air is mixed with cold air it makes wind.

Wind Measurement and Pinwheel:

We used the pinwheel so we cold have some fun with wind. We learnt that sometimes we need to turn to find the wind.

The wind measurement tool we used to find the force of the wind.

-The Donuts!

Writer: Ana Beatriz

Editor: Thiago

Photographer: Helena

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Graphing Math Games

In math games we played a game that had two groups of six cards. We needed to take one card from each group and add the two cards, then we recorded the answer in our DATA CHART.

We had another paper that we put the result of each match. To display the results we made a bar graph. After we needed to answer some questions about our graphs.

Most of the people in the class liked the game, some people couldn’t play the game because they didn’t finish their homework or all of the class work.

We practiced and learnt more about adding and graphing.

Have you ever played a math game? If you have never played check out our MATH LINKS or goggle some!

Good bye! See you next time!

Writer: Ana Clara

Editor: Mariana

Photographer: Julienne

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English Language Art Centres

We do English Language Centres to practice important skills. We do the centres in small groups.

It was really cool we do lots of different things. For example: super sentences, verb charades and guided reading.

Super sentences:

Super sentences is an activity that chose a sentence and we need to make it a SUPER SENTENCE.

for example,

My dog ran away.

My dog ran really really fast, I can not find him, he ran away.

Verb Charades

Verb charades is like mime. One person starts by getting a card with a verb on it and acting it out SILENTLY!!! The other players guess the verb.


Acting out verbs can make you look a little silly!


Guided Reading:

Guided reading is when you read the same book with a small group. Mrs. Siqueira assess our ability to read and reading comprehension.

Guided reading is important for us to practice new skills, work as a team and learn new words!!

Guided reading is important for us to practice new skills, work as a team and learn new words!!

These were our ELA Centres this week.

Do you have ELA centres in your school?



In science class we are working on atmosphere, air pressure and on a project called On the Same Day in March.

On the Same Day in March:

For this project we need to measure the temperature here (Rio, de Janeiro, Brazil) and record it in a shared google doc with other classes in different places in the world.


Atmosphere is the air around the earth and because of that we survive. The atmosphere has four layers and all together they are 500KM above earth.

Air pressure:

Air pressure is the force with which air pushes against the earth surface.

EXTRA: if we didn’t have air pressure we would explode. why??

If you don’t know the answer, here it is. Inside of us has air that pushes us in all directions at the same time and thank goodness we have air outside of us that pushes back and because of that we won’t explode. If we didn’t have air or our atmosphere we would explode.

  • Ana Beatriz, Mariana and Julienne


ELA Centres

ELA centres are activities in small groups that we rotate through. During ELA Centres we did an activity called super sentence. To make super sentence we start with a normal sentence and we transform it into a super humorous sentence. Another activity that we played was Top Ten. For Top Ten we write the top ten things we like or love or hate on any topic. Another activity we did was Making Words. Making words was very cool but was very difficult. We cut letters out and had to make words with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 letters. The last station for ELA centre was Verb Charades. Verb charades was awesome! We picked a card with a verb and we needed to act it out without any sounds.

ELA centres is soo fun our brains explode!


  • Beatriz, Henrique and Ana Clara
What are your favourite games to learn English?

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